Heritage Inventory

Black & White Photo of Young Students Sitting on Steps of School
First Class to attend General Currie School
on the front steps of the School (1921)
City of Richmond Archives 2001-10-4

A heritage inventory is a list of resources that contribute to a community's heritage character. Being listed on the heritage inventory does not mean that the property is protected or is formally recognized by Council. However, it can be a useful planning document to identify and understand local heritage resources and help increase awareness about Richmond's history. The identified heritage resources may be integrated into land use planning processes, and the inventory can be used to establish an effective heritage conservation program.

Use the Online Heritage Inventory to learn about the resources or to check if your property is listed in the inventory.

Heritage Inventory Update

The Heritage Inventory was updated in 2023. 36 new resources were added and ten were removed. Also, the Richmond Heritage Resource Evaluation Form was developed to be used to review any potential resources for future updates.

The Statements of Significance, which describe the heritage value of the new resources, can be found here.

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