Mobile Food Vendor

Temporary Commercial Use Permit

A Temporary Commercial Use Permit (TCUP) allows a limited term use of land that is not otherwise permitted in the City’s Zoning Bylaw. The following information and application process is specifically for an expedited program for mobile food vendors only. A TCUP application is reviewed for:

  • Site suitability for operating a mobile food vendor including site access and parking requirements
  • The impact on neighbouring permanent land uses.

Once approved, a TCUP is valid for a period of two years with the option to renew one time for an additional period of two years. Once the extension period is finished, a new application will be required to continue the use. A TCUP permit applies to a specific property and is not transferrable from one site to another.

Application Process

The TCUP application process requires a non-refundable fee to be submitted with the Completed Application Package. The documents are listed below. The Fee can be found in the Consolidated Fees - Bylaw 8636. All applications will be reviewed by the City of Richmond for site suitability and impact on neighbouring permanent land uses located on the site. Before applying, carefully review the application guidelines, provided in the application package below.

Do I Meet the Requirements?

Before applying, please carefully review the guidelines and the requirements outlined in the TCUP Application Guidelines to determine if the subject property is suitable to operate a Mobile Food Vendor.

Application Package

Temporary Commercial Use Permit Application Guidelines
Temporary Commercial Use Permit Application Form and Parking Requirements
Letter of Authorization
Application Checklist
Site Plan Example

Note: After completing the fillable PDF, save it to your computer and email it with the rest of your application package.

Notification Requirements

The City of Richmond will conduct a public notification period during the application process. Businesses and residents located on the subject property will receive a letter with instructions on how to comment on the permit application.

Contact Information
Business Licencing Department
Phone: 604-276-4328