4091 Chatham Street - Building Relocation

Relocation of heritage building from 4091 Chatham Street


The relocation of this heritage building has been supported by Council. The present location will be redeveloped by the Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans (Unit 284 Steveston) for senior citizens congregate care.

The heritage building has great significance in the community. It housed the doctors and administrative offices for Richmond's first hospital, the Steveston Fishermen's Hospital. This hospital pioneered socialized "medicare" in Canada. The Steveston Village Conservation Strategy has also identified the building as a prime candidate for conservation because of its association with Steveston's Nikkei community.

Once relocated, the building may be used by the Nikkei Fishermen's Project Committee as an interpretive centre to house educational displays. Other community uses may also occur in the building.

Relocation of Heritage Building at 4091 Chatham Street: Project Details and Questionnaire