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Block Watch is a free, community-based, crime prevention program aimed at helping residents organize their neighbourhoods to help prevent crime in the community. Block Watch works if you and your neighbours get to know one another, they may be the first to notice a suspicious person at your door or window. By simply getting to know your neighbours, you may notice someone or something that is suspicious. When neighbours work together, they can combat crime in their neighbourhood the most effective way - before it happens.

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For more information, please call 604-207-4829 or email

To start a Block Watch group, someone must volunteer to become the Block Captain. All Captains (and Co-Captains) must be security cleared by the RCMP. For a copy of the  RCMP Block Watch Security Clearance form, click the link below.

PDF Document Block Watch Security Clearance Form May 2016
PDF Document Block Watch Starting a New Group information

Block Watch Captain's Duties (Starting a new group)

  1. Complete the RCMP Block Watch Security Clearance form (see above) and send it to the Block Watch office at or by fax at 604 713-2349.
  2. Once it has been processed, we will contact you.
  3. Please go door-to-door in the area that you would like to include in your group, and ask your neighbours if they are interested in joining Block Watch. If yes, ask for their name, street address, phone number, and e-mail address. Let them know Block Watch office will use their e-mail address to notify them regarding neighbourhood residential break and enters. 
  4. Ask your neighbours to report criminal or suspicious activity to the Police. If a suspect(s) is present, call 9-1-1. If no suspect(s) is present, call 604 278-1212.
  5. Block Watch doesn't want anyone patrolling or approaching suspicious people themselves.
  6. After you have collected your group’s information, submit it to the Block Watch office (by email at or by fax 604 713-2349). We will add the information to our database and print a copy of your group’s list for you to distribute to each neighbour listed.
  7. We will provide you with a Block Watch Participant's Manual to distribute to each of your group. Please let the people who join know that they may be eligible for a discount when renewing their home insurance as Block Watch members.
  8. If you want a Block Watch street sign(s) installed, let us know where you would like the street sign(s) installed.
  9. When new residents move into your group's area, invite them to join your Block Watch group. Update your participant's list and send it to the Block Watch office. We'll send you a Participant's Manual to give to the new participants.
  10. Once a year, we will mail you a list of your participants, please update it and return it to us. 

Please use the   Home Photo Inventory -1109333 form.

Residential Break and Enter Alert E-mail Alerts 
E-mail your name and street  address to to receive an e-mail alert should a residential break and enter occur in your neighbourhood. 

Visit for an interactive web page where you can view Richmond neighbourhood maps for current crime summaries and home security tips. 

Residential Break and Enter Prevention Tips

PDF Document Residential Break and Enter Prevention Tips 2015

Block Watch Newsletters
Available on the Crime Prevention Newsletter page.