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McDonald Beach Park

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McDonald Beach Park has a total park area of 26.142 acres and is located at the north end of Sea Island along the North Arm of the Fraser River. There are many great views along the Fraser River of working boats and log boom movement, there are long stretches of beach, picnic areas with tables, airplane viewing and views across the river of south Vancouver.

The boat launch and park are open from sunrise to sunset daily. Please refer to for sun rise and set times, 365 days of the year and plan your arrival and departures accordingly.

McDonald Beach Boat Launch is located on the north bank of the park site and include two ramps. Please follow boat launch rules and guidelines for the safe use of the facility. Adjacent to the boat launch is a caretakers building with public washrooms and seasonal concession stand.

Be advised that fees apply to the boat ramp, which can be paid at the meter on-site ($12 per day) or through the purchase of an annual permit ($100 plus GST – 50% off for Seniors). To inquire about meter operations or to obtain a permit please visit Customer Service at Richmond City Hall or contact Community Bylaws at 604-276-4152.

There is also a dogs off-leash area in the park and users are reminded to adhere to the dogs off-leash usage guidelines.


Pet owners in dogs off-leash areas adhere to the following usage guidelines:
  • Dogs must be kept under control by their owners at all times.
  • Stoop and Scoop: clean up after your dog.
  • Dog owners must carry a leash at all times.
  • All dogs must be currently and visibly licensed.
  • Dog owners must maintain effective verbal control of their dogs and always be able to see their dog when off the leash.
  • Any dog exhibiting aggressive behaviour must be leashed immediately.

    Street Address: 350 McDonald Road

    Location: North of Grauer Road on McDonald Road

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    Recreation Area: Sea Island

    Picnic Tables
    17 Tables
    9 Benches
    Special Features
    Dogs Off-Leash Area
    Drinking Fountain
    Caretaker Building
    Picnic Area
    • Boat launch available
    • Great views of the working river, airport activities and south Vancouver
    • Located at the north end of Sea Island along the North Arm of the Fraser River
    • Long beach stretches along the Fraser River with picnic areas to the west