Cover Stories - Susan Pearson (2016)

Susan Pearson

7700 Minoru Gate

Area: City Centre
Location: Artist Designed access covers can be found throughout Richmond but are concentrated in the City Centre, Minoru, and Steveston Village.

Materials: Cast iron access covers

Program: Civic
Ownership: Civic
Sponsored By: City of Richmond Public Art Program

Description of Work

Cast iron artist designed access covers reflecting Richmond's Cultural Heritage.

Artist Statement

Artists, Gregg Allen, Caroline Dyck, Susan Pearson, and Jeff Porter have taken the common, previously unremarkable pieces of civic infrastructure and transformed the access covers into pieces of art that that reflect Richmond's Cultural Heritage.

Richmond’s beginnings as a First Nations fishing camp is the theme of artist Susan Pearson’s artwork on her access cover. Encircling the design is the cedar tree, which First Nations peoples made their canoes from, and cedar tree bark, which they made their nets and ropes from.