Motif of One and Many (2015)

Rebecca Bayer

5900 Minoru Blvd

Area: City Centre
Location: City Centre Community Centre 2nd floor lobby and column

Materials: Marmoleum

Program: Civic
Ownership: Civic
Sponsored By: City of Richmond Public Art Program

Description of Work

The material of this installation is approximately 3000 triangular tiles and 12 long strips cut from seven hues of marmoleum, an ecologically responsible flooring product. Tiles and strips have been applied following a detailed map and specifications, indicating zones of unique patterns which intermingle together into one large interlocking motif. This triangular pattern spreads across the floor of the second floor lobby of a community centre, and is carefully scribed into the surrounding floor areas, entrances and elevator locations. A central column carries colours of motif from horizontal to vertical plane.

Artist Statement

The work explores the idea of a community as the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The colourful grid of tessellating triangles covers the floor in a new community centre and considers individuals and groups who have come together to form complex new relationships. Research conducted at the City of Richmond Archives inspired a dynamic layout that echoes ancient motifs and acknowledges the city’s cultural diversity. The word ‘motif’ commonly refers to ‘a repeated theme or pattern,’ a term used in visual arts, textile arts, and folklore. The origin of the word ‘motif’ also refers to ‘a motive,’ as in ‘that which inwardly moves a person’.