Portals into the Future (2021)

Mark Gallant , Yoli Garcia , Gilles B Herbert , Michael Hilde , Kathy Hill , Vedran Jelincic , Reto Marti , Noemi Pullvers , Alberto Replanski , Sandra C Sinclair , Erik Stainsby

Tait Waterfront Park at No. 4 Road and River Drive.

Area: City Centre
Location: Aligned along the north-south pedestrian path towards the dike.

Materials: Indiana limestone.

Program: Community
Ownership: Civic
Sponsored By: Richmond Public Art Program

Description of Work

Five modernist abstract stone sculptures.

Artist Statement

The sculptures are essentially modernist as perceived through sculptural ideas originating at the beginning of the 20th century and continuing through the present day, and exemplified in the work of Constantin Brancusi (Romanian,1876 - 1957), Henry Moore (English, 1898 - 1986),and Barbara Hepworth (English, 1903 - 1975).

These modernist ideals are concerned with the expression of pure form and formal relationships of mass and volume, and the honest expression or truth to the artistic material used, be it marble, granite, sandstone or wood.

These abstract works are conceived and executed in an intuitive and almost spiritual way, and while not necessarily natural in appearance, strive for the complex overall harmony and balance found throughout nature. Many of the artists who work in this manner, including the artists who have created these pieces, have arrived at these sculptural forms through earlier explorations of the human form, with the work becoming increasingly abstract as forms, masses and volumes are simplified and distilled.