Sail Wall (2017)

Derek Root

7468 Lansdowne Road

Area: City Centre
Location: Artwork is located on the Gilbert Street facade.

Materials: Trespa Meteon panels and Weather Pro panels.

Program: Private
Ownership: Private
Sponsored By: Cressey (Gilbert) Development LLP

Description of Work

This artwork was constructed with a combination of Trespa Meteon panels and Weather Pro cement panels, and there are 700 panels all together. The triangular shaped panels are in eight different colours and are arranged to form a pattern.

Artist Statement

Researching the historical archives of the City of Richmond, Derek found photographs dated from the early 20th century of sailing dinghies that were used to transport fish from larger boats along the waterways to Lulu Island. The artist has adapted the elongated triangular shape of the dinghy sail and arranged it as a repeated motif. The bright colour and rhythmical composition signal a spirit of optimism and happiness.