Community Public Art Program

Community in Motion 2
Cambie Community Gathering Place
Community in Motion,
Corinna Hanson
Sponsored by
South Arm Community Association
and the Public Art Reserve

Cambie Community Gathering Place,
Pomegranate Center
Sponsored by
East Richmond Community Association
and the Public Art Reserve

The Richmond Community Public Art Program supports partnerships between community groups and artists of all creative disciplines. Artists working in collaboration with communities can express a shared goal or theme and provoke dialogue on ideas and issues relevant to the community.

Community-based artist projects have the capacity to provide participants with a greater sense of self, identity, community and place through shared art making experiences. Projects will be accessible and appeal to a multigenerational and culturally diverse audience.

Artist projects commissioned from this program often result in a physical and/or social legacy for the community and may include, but not limited to, a public performance, participatory art installation, hands-on art activities, workshop, exhibition, sculpture, artist book, printed matter, moving image and digital media based work.

The Community Public Art Program is funded from the Public Art Program Reserve with matching and contributed funds from community project partners. The Public Art Program Reserve is supported by contributions from the Private Development Public Art Program.

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For complete details on the Community Public Art Program, see Section 7 of the Public Art Program (Policy 8703) and Section 9 of the Public Art Program Public Art Program Admin Procedures.