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About Richmond Maps

We offer a variety of map options on this site. You may choose to view a dynamic interactive map system with viewing options and several information layers that can be turned on as needed, as well as imbedded aerial views. You may also choose a static PDF map. There is list of PDF maps below with different information options. The City also offers a selection of specialty maps for sale.

Richmond's Interactive Map System

Use this map to access more than 100 layers, Aerial Photos, property information and more.

Richmond Interactive Map (RIM)

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Use RIM to look up the zoning and other information for any property in Richmond. You can search by address or other property identifiers. The property will be highlighted in the map and property details will display, as well as a link to the appropriate section of our Zoning Bylaw.

Interactive Maps

Browse our collection of interactive maps, showcasing City information in a visual and geographical format.

Richmond Maps in PDF Format

You will require Adobe PDF Reader to download the maps below.

Note: To view PDF maps use the zoom feature in Adobe Reader to adjust your view and use the hand on your cursor to pan the map. Use the back button to return to this page.

Emergency Response

Major Roads Maps

Printable Sections

Major & General Roads Maps

Printable Sections

Parks, Recreation & Culture

Park Maps

For maps of individual parks and bordering streets see the Parks Database Search to search for a Park by name Also see the Area Maps for Park locations by area.

More Maps

Various technical maps are available for sale see City Publications for Sale.

To view historical maps, please Search the Archives.