Branscombe House Artist Residency

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About the Branscombe House Artist Residency

Branscombe House is located at 4900 Steveston Highway and is one of the earliest settler homes built in the area; as such it is significant for its historical association to Steveston and for reflecting the pattern of commercial and related residential development that occurred in Steveston’s early history.

The Branscombe House Artist-in-Residence is selected annually via an open call. Our open call is now closed. Check back next year for 2024 opportunity.

2022 Artist-in-Residence: Krystal Kiran
2021 Artist-in-Residence: Rachel Rozanski
2020 Artist-in-Residence: Lou Sheppard
2019 Artist-in-Residence: Paige Gratland
2018 Artist-in-Residence: Keely O'Brien
2017 Artist-in-Residence: Barbara Meneley
2016 Artist-in-Residence: Rhonda Weppler