Previous Elections

2011 Campaign Financing Disclosures

Date of
Mayoral Candidates  Elector Organization Disclosures Candidate Disclosures
03-02-2012 Malcolm BRODIE  Disclosure
01-26-2012 Richard LEE Disclosure

Date of
Councillor Candidates Elector Organization Disclosures Candidate Disclosures
03-16-2012 Chak Kwong AU RITE Disclosure
01-25-2012 Linda BARNES RCA Disclosure
03-13-2012 Cynthia A. CHEN Disclosure
03-13-2012 Derek DANG RICHMOND FIRST Disclosure
03-08-2012 Carol DAY RITE Disclosure
02-20-2012 Evelina HALSEY-BRANDT Disclosure
03-13-2012 Ken JOHNSTON RICHMOND FIRST Disclosure
03-08-2012 Alexa LOO Disclosure
03-12-2012 Bill McNULTY RICHMOND FIRST Disclosure
03-13-2012 Linda McPHAIL RICHMOND FIRST Disclosure
11-25-2011 Peter MITCHELL Disclosure
Ramzan PATNI Disclosure
01-25-2012 Harold STEVES RCA Disclosure
03-02-2012 Cliff Lifeng WEI Disclosure
03-14-2012 De WHALEN RCA Disclosure
03-14-2012 Michael WOLFE RITE Disclosure
03-16-2012 Jun L. WUYAN Disclosure

Date of
School Trustee Candidates Elector Organization Disclosures Candidate Disclosures
03-14-2012 Rod BELLEZA RITE Disclosure
03-16-2012 William Kang CHEN Disclosure
03-12-2012 Kenny CHIU RITE Disclosure
12-12-2011 Norm GOLDSTEIN RITE Disclosure
02-28-2012 Jonathan HO RITE Disclosure
03-16-2012 Donna SARGENT RICHMOND FIRST Disclosure
03-16-2012 Michael STARCHUK RITE Disclosure
03-16-2012 Debbie TABLOTNEY RICHMOND FIRST Disclosure
03-15-2012 Grace TSANG RICHMOND FIRST Disclosure
03-15-2012 Eric YUNG RICHMOND FIRST Disclosure

Date of
Elector Organizations Disclosures
03-14-2012 RCA Disclosure
03-16-2012 RICHMOND FIRST Disclosure
03-06-2012 RITE Disclosure

Date of
Campaign Organizers Disclosures
03-01-2012 Richmond Choice (includes supplemental information) Disclosure
03-13-2012 Canadian Labour Congress Disclosure   
03-14-2012 CUPE BC Disclosure
03-16-2012 Richmond Firefighters Association Disclosure