People Development

We Focus On You

At the City of Richmond, our people are so important to the organization’s success that it continues to be a Corporate Strategic Focus Area:

Our People

“By investing in and developing our people, Richmond will have an engaged, highly effective and well-trained workforce to serve Council and the community. For success, developing our team is paramount.”

The City of Richmond is committed to being a learning organization. Part of that demonstrated commitment has been the creation of Richmond's Corporate University, our internal corporate training system that maintains a focus on the learning and development needs of our people.  
The People Development team, within Human Resources, works extremely close with all other departments and many specific employee groups in identifying training needs throughout the entire organization. Throughout your career, you may have access to a broad array of training courses – internally and externally – from general business, management, leadership, computer desktop skills, specialized IT training, healthy, safety and wellness through to job-specific technical training such as turf management, instructional skills, driver training, accident investigation, and so much more. The organization also encourages and provides non-traditional forms of learning such as coaching, mentoring, special projects and secondments.

Tresse Hoff - Careers

"The City of Richmond has an excellent career development program which has enabled me to earn several certificates including: Certificate of Trades Qualification in Landscape, International Society of Arboriculture Certification and Tree Risk Assessment Certification."        Tresse    
Supervisor, Public Works

Mike Romas -Careers

"In addition to leadership training, I have taken several City specific courses including report writing and business writing. Each of the internal training courses are very well constructed and informative, using a mix of classroom and practical learning."
Manager, People Development

The City of Richmond also offers financial support for other academic endeavours including individual development training taken on an employee’s own time for the purpose of career advancement. City staff members are encouraged to attend outside seminars and conferences to broaden their experience, enhance their network, and contribute to the City of Richmond’s overall development as a progressive and innovative municipality.

We Develop You

Orientation Program

Your development begins from your first day on the job, as an employee of the City of Richmond, with our Employee Orientation Program, until the day you retire, with our Getting Ready for Retirement sessions. The People Development team, within Human Resources, maintains overall responsibility to ensure there are adequate resources in place to develop staff to learn the skills and gain the abilities required to have a successful long-term career with the City.


Sean - Careers

“The City is a big supporter of  staff training and development. There are a variety of courses to choose from, which include, diversity awareness, customer service training, leadership development and a variety of computer courses. From the top down, there are many opportunities created for people to succeed as leaders.”
Coordinator, Leisure Services

Tracey - Careers


"The training I have received at the City has been exceptional. There are many different types of training/courses offered throughout the year. Class sizes are small and the level of the instructors is high. I feel I have received excellent training at the City, which has enhanced my career goals."
Document Production Specialist