Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Richmond is a vibrant, rapidly developing city with a strong economy that has attracted thousands of its residents from around the world. Our population has the highest proportion of immigrants of any city in Canada. The City of Richmond recognizes the importance of mirroring this cultural diversity in our workforce in order to effectively serve the diverse needs of the community.

To support our commitment to workplace diversity, the City of Richmond offers a variety of intercultural awareness training initiatives to all employees to increase the level of awareness and understanding within the workforce. We have two, full-time diversity coordinators in Parks & Recreation, and we are working to incorporate diversity and cultural awareness as part of our Respectful Workplace Policy. We also provide a new immigrant welcome package to help new residents tap into the wide range of support services we offer.

Promotion of Diversity is demonstrated through:

  • Applying different problem solving skills towards a common goal
  • Building relationships with different community groups
  • Embracing diverse perspectives and approaches that foster innovation
  • Guiding decision making and planning through inclusion, cooperation, dynamism, integration, and equality
  • Providing equal opportunity in all areas of our work
  • Implementing systems and procedures that take into account individual differences in all aspects of our service and planning delivery

Cecilia - Careers

“I am happy to know that the City is always willing to invest in its people and to give staff a chance to work in areas that they are passionate about and willing to learn. If you have the desire to give the best in everything you do, you will find an organization that supports you.”
General Manager, Community Safety

Equity in Hiring

The City of Richmond is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply, however, our positions are restricted to those legally entitled to work in Canada.

Employment Program for People with Disabilities

The City of Richmond is an equal opportunity employer who believes in a diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects our community. As such, the City offers a program that specifically hires individuals with disabilities. The process of applying and competing for employment is often a barrier for individuals with disabilities. Because of this, the City’s Human Resources (HR) department has modified its recruiting and hiring practices. Through HR, the City partners with local community organizations with specialized employment services to hire and place individuals with disabilities into roles throughout the organization (placement opportunities are based on availability and resources). The goal is to find meaningful work for individuals and customize their employment around both the individual’s strengths and capabilities with the operational needs of a work area. Some processes and duties are modified for the individual. The result is an inclusive and supportive work environment. If you have any questions or would like to participate in this program, please contact the City of Richmond Human Resources department at hr@richmond.ca.