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Intersection Traffic Cameras

For still images of current intersection traffic conditions:

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List of Current Locations

  1. Aurora Connector at Grant McConachie Way
  2. Aurora Connector at Miller Road
  3. Aviation Avenue at Grant McConachie Way
  4. Aviation Avenue at Miller Road
  5. Cedarbridge Way at Alderbridge Way
  6. Coppersmith Place at Steveston Highway
  7. Garden City Road at Alderbridge Way
  8. Garden City Road at Granville Avenue
  9. Gilbert Road at Elmbridge Way
  10. Gilbert Road at Granville Avenue
  11. Gilbert Road at River Road
  12. Gilbert Road at Steveston Highway
  13. Gilbert Road at Westminster Highway
  14. Hollybridge Way at River Road
  15. Jacombs Road at Smallwood Place
  16. Jacombs Road at Westminster Highway
  17. Knight Street at Westminster Highway
  18. May Drive at Alderbridge Way
  19. McClelland Road at Alderbridge Way
  20. McMillan Way at Westminster Highway
  21. Minoru Boulevard at Gollner Avenue
  22. Minoru Boulevard at Murdoch Avenue
  23. Minoru Boulevard at Westminster Highway
  24. No. 1 Road at Moncton Street
  25. No. 2 Road at Francis Road
  26. No. 2 Road at Blundell Plaza
  27. No. 2 Road at Blundell Road
  28. No. 2 Road at Granville Avenue
  29. No. 2 Road at Maple Road
  30. No. 2 Road at Steveston Highway
  31. No. 2 Road at Wallace Road
  32. No. 2 Road at Westminster Highway
  33. No. 2 Road at Williams Road
  34. No. 2 Road at Woodwards Road
  35. No. 3 Road at Steveston Highway
  36. No. 3 Road at Westminster Highway
  37. No. 4 Road at Steveston Highway
  38. No. 5 Road at 10700 Block
  39. No. 5 Road at Steveston Highway
  40. No. 8 Road at Blundell Road
  41. Pearson Way at River Road
  42. Russ Baker Way at Cessna Drive
  43. Russ Baker Way at Gilbert Road
  44. Russ Baker Way at Hudson Avenue
  45. Russ Baker Way at Inglis Way
  46. Russ Baker Way at Miller Road
  47. Seaward Gate at Steveston Highway
  48. Shell Road at Alderbridge Way
  49. Shell Road at Steveston Highway
  50. St. Albans Road at Granville Avenue
  51. Templeton Street at Grant McConachie Way
  52. Templeton Street at Grauer Road
  53. Templeton Street at Miller Road
  54. Templeton Street at North Service Road