Cycling in Richmond

Local Cycling Routes & Maps

Richmond has an extensive network of both on-street and off-street cycling routes that can connect you to the city's major attractions and destinations. To start your exploration of Richmond by bike, have a look at or print out maps of the city's cycling network and trails system.

Cycling Network & Trails Maps

  • PDF Document Richmond Trails & Cycling Map - map of existing trails and on-street bike routes as of 2013. The city currently has about 50 kilometres of designated on-street bike routes.  The PDF Document back page of the map includes suggested scenic cycling routes plus other cycling and trails information and tips. 
  • PDF Document TransLink Regional Cycling Map - map of existing on-street and off-street bike routes for the entire region as of 2012 as well as sub-regional maps.
  • Parks, Trails & Cycling - link to the Parks & Recreation page that provides detailed maps of the off-street trails system by local area.
  • Scenic Cycling Routes - choose one of eight scenic routes around the city that combine trail, designated cycling and on-street connector routes.
  • Proposed On- and Off-Street Cycling Routes - the City is committed to the enhancement of cycling opportunities within Richmond.  The following maps show planned bike and greenway routes within the City Centre and across the rest of Richmond.

Cycling Facilities & Amenities
When riding around Richmond, the following facilities and amenities can help you get around more quickly and efficiently.

Green bike signs along the shoulder identify roads that are part of the city's existing bike network. The signs help raise the awareness of motorists to the potential presence of cyclists.
Some streets have designated bike lanes that are reserved for the exclusive use of cyclists. Motorists must not drive, stop or park in a bicycle lane and can only cross a bike lane if the white line is broken or to turn into or out of a driveway.
Right Turn Except Bikes Sign When designated bike lanes temporarily end at major intersections due to the introduction of a right-turn only lane, through cyclists may use the right-turn lane to proceed through the intersection.
The Share the Road sign is used on bike routes where vehicles and cyclists share the street but there is not enough width for separate vehicle and bike lanes.
The Cyclist Crossing sign alerts approaching motorists to the potential presence of cyclists crossing the street ahead.

Pavement Markings

Cyclist in Bike Lane

Designated bike lanes are reserved for the exclusive use of cyclists.  Motorists must not drive, stop or park in a bicycle lane and can only cross a bike lane if the white line is broken or to turn into or out of a driveway.

Cyclist with Sharrow

Shared-use markings, known as "sharrows", are used where motorists and cyclists share the street but there is not enough width for separate vehicle and bike lanes.

Intersection Loop Detectors
Traffic signals at all intersections in Richmond are triggered by square or rectangular shaped detector loops that detect a metal mass. When a metal mass passes over the loop, it disturbs a magnetic field that is detected by electronic equipment at the intersections controller cabinet.
These loops also detect bicycles, providing bicycles are aligned along the most sensitive area of the loop - directly over a cut line. To align your bicycle on the most sensitive area, centre your bike over the right-most cut line parallel to the curb.
On some designated bike routes, the City has identified the sensitive spots of the detector loop with three linear white dots. Markings that identify a detectors sensitive spot will eventually be extended to specific detector loops at intersections along bike routes.

Bike Stencil for Intersection Loop Detector

Richmond's new standard for an intersection loop detector will feature a bicycle symbol to more clearly identify the purpose of these markings to cyclists.

If you think a loop is not detecting your bicycle, please contact Traffic Signals and identify the intersection, direction of travel and lane. Traffic Signals can be reached at 604-276-4031 or

Bike Racks

The City provides bike racks at City-owned facilities such as libraries, community centres and parks.

Maintenance of Bike Routes
The City cleans the main roads, which includes those with bike lanes, about 8 times per year with more frequent cleaning of bike lanes during the better weather months (i.e., April to October) when there are typically greater volumes of cyclists.  During these months, the bike lanes are flushed around every 2 weeks.  Crews also clean roads and bike lanes on an as-needed basis (e.g., to remove construction debris or clear broken glass from a traffic accident). 

Should you discover an area needs more frequent or immediate cleaning (due to debris or broken glass, for example), please report it to the Dispatch Office of our Works Yard.  Our work crews will respond promptly to your request.  If it a safety concern (e.g., large pieces of broken glass), crews will be sent immediately to hand sweep the area.

  • Works Yard Dispatch Office: 604-244-1262 (24-hour service)
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