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Recycling & Garbage Services Overview

To help residents achieve its goal to reduce garbage by 80% by 2020, Richmond is introducing biweekly garbage collection to encourage recycling. Garbage Carts are being delivered to residents starting February 1 to the end of March. Information on transition and collection dates for biweekly collection will be provided with the carts when they are delivered. See "About Garbage Collection and Schedule" for program implementation details.

Garbage Collection

& Schedule
Paper, Plastic, Glass
& More...
Food Scraps & Yard

2cans BlueBox Foodscraps
Public Spaces Hazardous Waste &
Banned Materials
Community Outreach
Publicspacesrecycling other workshops & community programs

Sign-Up for Free Recycling and Garbage Reminders
Single-family home residents can sign-up for free recycling and garbage pick up day reminders. Residents can set up how they want to receive reminders, which are available by email, text message, Twitter or a phone call. The tool is simple and easy to use. Just enter your address below and click on "Find."

This service does not apply to townhomes and multi-family dwellings with private garbage pickup or Blue Carts. Please contact your property management company for your pickup schedule.

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