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Recycling & Garbage Services Overview

Thank you Richmond residents - you're making us look great!

Our goal is to reduce waste by 80% by 2020, and thanks to you, we're almost there. Residents with curbside collection are already recycling 74% of their waste. Check out the Recycling & Solid Waste Management Annual Report 2015 for details.

PDF Document Recycling & Solid Waste Management 2015: Applying Best Practices to Achieve Goals

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Sign-Up for Free Recycling and Garbage Reminders
Single-family home residents can sign-up for free recycling and garbage pick up day reminders. Residents can set up how they want to receive reminders, which are available by email, text message, Twitter or a phone call. The tool is simple and easy to use. Just enter your address below and click on "Find."

This service does not apply to townhomes and multi-family dwellings with private garbage pickup or Blue Carts. Please contact your property management company for your pickup schedule.

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