Recycling & Garbage

Collection Schedule

The following map and schedule apply to single-family and townhomes with curbside collection. Effective February 1, 2016, each collection day has been divided into two zones. Please use the map below to find out your new garbage and recycling collection zone.
2016 Garbage & Recycling Zone Map

2016 Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule
Biweekly garbage collection starts the week after you receive your new garbage cart. Visit "About Garbage Collection" to find out when your garbage cart will be delivered. Blue Box and Green Cart will continue to be collected weekly on your scheduled collection day. Find zone specific collection calendar below.

Sign-Up for Free Reminders for Recycling and Garbage Collection

The City has launched a new web-based software program that allows residents in single-family homes to sign-up for free recycling and garbage pick up day reminders. Residents can set up how they want to receive reminders, which are available by email, text message, Twitter or a phone call. This tool is simple and it's easy to use, just enter your address below and select "Find."

Helpful Links and Resources

  • To report a missed collection, call 604-276-4010 or email Garbage and Recycling at
  • Residents of multi-family and large town-house complexes should ask their property managers about pick-up schedules.
  • Garbage, recycling and food scraps and yard trimmings collection could be affected due to road construction activities.
  • 2016 Recycling and Garbage Collection Guide (PDF Document English)