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Welcome to Richmond's Green Cart Program for Recycling Food Scraps and Yard Trimmings

Food scraps not permitted in garbage starting January 2015
Starting January 2015, food scraps will no longer be permitted in the garbage as part of Metro Vancouver disposal ban. Instead, they must be recycled. For more information, see Food Scraps Disposal Ban.

New! Green Cart Expanded to Multi-family Complexes
Richmond Council has approved the expansion of the Green Cart program to provide convenient food scraps recycling to residents in multi-family complexes like apartments and condominiums. With this expanded program, Green Cart service will be available to all Richmond residents, making it easy and affordable for residents to recycle their food scraps and yard trimmings. This recycling service is particularly important now that food scraps are not permitted in the garbage as part of a new Metro Vancouver food scraps disposal ban. For more information about this expanded program, see Multi-Family Green Cart Program.

Please Note: Residents with curbside collection may supplement the Green Cart with Green Cans and/or paper yard waste bags to recycle food scraps and yard trimmings. (Program restrictions apply such as weight limit, container size, clearly displayed decals, etc.).

Green Cart Recycling - Curbside Collection

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Let’s Trim Our Waste. Recycling food scraps and yard trimmings is a great way to expand household recycling, and it’s part of the steps we can take in our community to get to 80% waste diversion. That means less waste going into landfills, and more recyclables being turned into new products or resources. Residents can also help by recycling products like electronicstires and batteries using industry take back programs for materials that are banned from landfills and consistently recycling their plastic, glass and paper products using their Blue Box or Blue Cart. Richmond is working with community members and its partners throughout the region to divert 80% of waste from the landfill by 2020, and every resident plays a role in achieving this goal. Together, we can make change happen.

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