Construction Projects

Gilbert Trunk Sewer No. 2

In the spring 2013, Metro Vancouver began a major project to upgrade and twin this major regional sewer line. This project will facilitate future maintenance and meet the long term sewer capacity needs in the City of Richmond. The project will be completed in four phases over the next five years.

The existing Metro Vancouver Gilbert Trunk Sewer No. 1 runs from the Bridgeport Sanitary Pump Station (at Great Canadian Way and Bridgeport Road) to the Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant via Bridgeport Road, River Road and Gilbert Road. This main has been in service since 1970 and is the trunk sanitary conveyance for most of the City, including the high density City Centre.

Gilbert Trunk Sewer Map

The Metro Vancouver project team will provide regular and timely construction information through fact sheets, newsletters, email, on-site signage and Metro Vancouver's website.

Metro Vancouver Notices / Factsheets

 21-June-16 GRTS-Doorhanger-Survey Work-June 2016
19-May-16 GRTS-Doorhanger-Lane Closures on Hollybridge Way and Elmbridge Way
13-May-16 GRTS-Doorhanger-Survey Work-May 2016
01-Nov-15  GRTS-Door Hanger-Work on Hollybridge Way-November 2015
29-Sept--15 GRTS-Doorhanger-Work on Capstan Way-September 2015
20-Aug-15  GRTS-Doorhanger-Work on River Road-August 2015
29-July-15 GRTS-Doorhanger-Pump Station Overnight Work-July 2015
03-July-15 GRTS-Information Sheet-June 2015
29-Sep-14 GRTS-Door Hanger-Paving Work Postponed-September 29 through to October 3, 2014
16-Sep-14 GRTS-Newsletter-Paving Work-September 16, 2014
05-Sep-14 GRTS-Newsletter-Test Digs-Hollybridge Way-September 5, 2014
17-Jul-14 GRTS-Newsletter-Work on Cambie Road-July 17, 2014
 03-July-14 GRTS-Newsletter-Test Digs-Gilbert Road-July 3, 2014
18-Jun-14 GRTS-Newsletter-Valve Chamber Installation-June 18, 2014
05-May-14 Gilbert Tunk Sewer-Sewer Installation Across Cambie Road
07-Apr-14 Gilbert Trunk Sewer-Sewer Installation Along Sea Island Way and Great Canadian Way
01-Apr-14 Gilbert Trunk Sewer-Sewer Installation at Sexsmith Road and Sea Island Way
20-Mar-14 Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer-Noisy Overnight Work
07-Mar-14  Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer-Phase 2-Section 2 Mobilization
07-Mar-14 Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer-Newsletter-Work on Sea Island Way
02-Feb-14 Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer Newsletter-Test Digs Sea Island Way
02-Feb-14 Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer Newsletter-Phase2-Ground Investigation Work on Hollybridge Way
02-Feb-14 Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer-Phase 1-Work on No. 3 Road
07-Jan-14 Sewer Installation on No. 3 Road
11-Dec-13 Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer Newsletter-Corvette Way Residents
22-Nov-13 Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer Fact Sheet
12-Nov-13 Metro Vancouver Newsletter
29-May-13 Upcoming Construction Work
Metro Vancouver Project Contact Information
Community Liaison Officer
A Metro Vancouver Community Liaison Officer (CLO) has been assigned to this project whose duties will include communicating with the public regarding safety. In addition, Metro Vancouver will have a full-time site inspector on the project whose duties will include monitoring construction and public safety.

Metro Vancouver Community Liaison Officer:
Phone: 604-436-6986
Speak to a person Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Leave a message with assurance the call will be returned within 4 hours

Web Updates
For additional information on this project, or to sign up for project updates, please visit Metro Vancouver's website.    

Contact Metro Vancouver
Community Liaison Officer
Phone: 604-436-6986
(Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

Metro Vancouver Information Centre
Phone: 604-432-6200  (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
(Please include “Gilbert Road” in the subject line)
After-Hours Emergency: 604-451-6610
Fax: 604-432-6297

To provide written comments, please send mail to:
Public Involvement Division
Engineering & Construction Department, Metro Vancouver
4330 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 4G8