Construction Projects

2017 Paving Program

Please be aware that our paving program is weather dependent, typically beginning the spring and continuing until early fall each year.

Our paving (capping) program is largely based upon priorities identified by the pavement management system.  If you notice a road that you feel is in extremely poor condition, please contact our Roads Department at 604-340-1373 to report the condition.

2017 Paving Schedule
Residents directly fronting the roads listed will be notified by our contractor that paving is scheduled in their area.  Please ensure that vehicles are not parked or obstructing the road during paving.

Dates will be included as they become available:

Proposed 2017 Paving Locations  Proposed Schedule
6,000 Block Steveston Highway TBD
No. 5 Road and Bridgeport Road Intersection TBD
9,000 Block Steveston Highway TBD
6,000 Block No. 2 Road TBD
10471 Steveston Highway to CN Tracks at Shell Road TBD
22,000 Block Westminster Highway TBD
Intersection of No. 2 Road and Steveston Highway TBD
7,000 Block No. 3 Road TBD
9,000 Block No. 1 Road TBD
7,000 Block No. 4 Road TBD
10,000 Block No. 4 Road TBD
3,000 Block Blundell Road TBD
7,000 Block No. 5 Road TBD
Hammersmith Gate TBD
Miller Road TBD
9,000 Block Blundell Road TBD
10,000 Block Blundell Road TBD
7,000 Block Minoru Boulevard TBD
Cook Road (Buswell Road to Garden City Road) TBD
Sharpe Avenue (Muir to Cul-de-sac)  TBD
Leslie Road (Hazelbridge Way to No. 3 Road)  TBD
6333 Cooney Road  TBD
Athabasca Road  TBD
7100 to 7140 Lockhart Road    TBD 
4888 Duncliffe Road  TBD
Moffatt Road and Blundell Road  TBD
No. 2 Road (Steveston Highway to Kittiwake) spot repairs  TBD