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Roads, Dikes, Water & Sewers

Roads, Dikes, Water & Sewers
About Public Works
Construction Projects
Roadworks Map
Road Work Advisories
Asphalt Paving Advisory - April 20 to August 31, 2015
Asphalt Paving Advisory - September 11 to November 30, 2015
Bridgeport Road - March 2 to 25, 2016
Asphalt Paving Advisory - July 3 to September 30, 2016
2016 Construction Projects
2016 Paving Program
Gilbert Trunk Sewer No. 2
Noise Bylaw Exemptions
2016 Transportation Projects
Construction Projects - Previous Years
2015 Construction Projects
2015 Paving Program
2014 Construction Projects
2014 Paving Program
2013 Construction Projects
2013 Paving Program
2012 Construction Projects
2012 Paving Program
2011 Construction Projects
2011 Paving Program
2010 Construction Projects
2010 Paving Program
2009 Construction Projects
2009 Paving Program
2008 Construction Projects
2008 Paving Program
2007 Dyke Improvement Projects
2007 Construction Projects
2007 Paving Program
2006 Construction Projects
2006 Paving Program
2005 Completed Construction Projects
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Street, Sidewalk & Watercourse Maintenance
Report Road Hazards
Snow Removal
Street Sweeping
Watercourse Crossing
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Winter & Severe Weather Response
Weather Readiness Overview
How the City Prepares
Snow Response Route Map
Garbage & Recycling Pick Up
Residents Guide to Winter Weather
Winter & Severe Weather Advisories
City Prepares for Winter Storms
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Dike Maintenance & Irrigation
Water Services
About Water Services
Conservation Programs
Multi-Family Water Meter Program
Frequently Asked Questions
Water Meter Program Questions & Answers
Single Family Water Meter Program
Frequently Asked Questions
Toilet Rebate Program
How to Qualify?
Water Conservation Facts and Tips
Rain Barrel Program
Clothes Washer Rebate Program
Lawn Sprinkling
Water Quality
Community Involvement
Project WET
Public Works Open House
Drinking Water Week
Water Workshops
Portable Drinking Fountains
Report a Problem
Publications, Specifications & Drawings
Survey Control Standards and Benchmarks
MMCD Supplementary Specs and Detailed Drawings
Engineering Design Specifications
Public Works Maps & Publications
Damage & Unauthorized Modifications to City Property
Damage Deposit for Construction
Modifications to City Property
Local Area Services Program
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