Social Planning

Policies, Plans and Strategies

Social Planning undertakings are guided by a number of Council-adopted policies, plans, strategies and guidelines.

The Official Community Plan (OCP)

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a legally required City bylaw which enables City Council to plan, co-ordinate and manage the City's sustainability, social, economic and land use interests, over the long term. The overall Plan (Schedule 1) includes a chapter devoted to Social Inclusion and Accessibility that addresses:

  • Social Equity and Inclusion;
  • Engaging our Citizens; and
  • Building on Social Assets and Community Capacity.

The OCP also consists of Area and Sub-Area Plans (Schedule 2) for the various planning areas within the Richmond. The City Centre Area Plan includes a section on Social Equity and Community Services:

The Social Development Strategy 2013-2022
Richmond City Council adopted the Richmond Social Development Strategy which is intended to guide the City’s decisions and resource allocations on social development matters. It is also a resource for external stakeholders which:
• Identifies social development priorities for City attention between now and 2022.
• Clarifies the roles of the City (and other stakeholders) with respect to addressing particular social development topics.
• Provides a foundation for a more integrated, coordinated, and sustainable approach for social development in Richmond for the future.

 Information about a number of other Community Social Development plans and strategies is provided in the following links:

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Age-Friendly Assessment and Action Plan
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