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Land Use Contracts - Early Termination

City of Richmond Adopts Underlying Zoning and Early Termination Bylaws
At a November 24, 2015 Special Public Hearing, Richmond City Council adopted a set of bylaws that will:

  • terminate 93 local Land Use Contracts (LUCs) that include single family properties effective one year from this date of adoption (Some of the 93 LUCs also include multi-family residential (townhouses and apartments), health care and institutional properties), and
  • establish new zoning designations in their place, effective upon this date of adoption.

For more information, please click on the links below to view the meeting agenda, staff report and Bylaws presented at:

The November 24, 2015 Public Hearing:
Agenda, Staff Report, LUC Summaries, Bylaws and Written Submissions

The October 13, 2015 Council Meeting:
PDF Document Land Use Contracts - Report and Summaries
PDF Document Land Use Contracts - Bylaws

LUC Deadlines
Please note the following deadlines as they relate to the early termination of LUC's:

May 24, 2016 (Board of Variance deadline):

November 24, 2016 (Building Permit deadline):

  • This is the last day that a property owner can submit a completed application for a building permit if they wish to build under the LUC regulations.
  • Please go to for further information on building permits.

Which properties are affected by Land Use Contracts?
Please click on the link below to display all of the properties in Richmond that are currently under a Land Use Contract.

PDF Document All Properties Under LUC

To view more detailed zoning maps, first click on the LUC Area Key Map below to determine which Area Map that you are in.  Then click on the map to review relevant zoning information in your neighbourhood.

PDF Document LUC Area Key Map
PDF Document LUC Map – Area 1
PDF Document LUC Map – Area 2
PDF Document LUC Map – Area 3
PDF Document LUC Map – Area 4
PDF Document LUC Map – Area 5
PDF Document LUC Map – Area 6
PDF Document LUC Map – Area 7
PDF Document LUC Map – Area 8

The link below provides a superimposed image of the typical maximum building envelope for a house under a Land Use Contract and a RS1 zoned property.

PDF Document LUC and RS1 Maximum Building Envelope

Is my property in a Land Use Contract?
Please click here to search if a property is in a Land Use Contract.

Where can I obtain a copy of my Land Use Contract?
Copies of LUCs are registered on title to the affected properties and may be obtained from the BC Land Title Office.

History of Land Use Contracts
The provincial legislation enabling LUCs was in effect for a short period of time between 1973 and 1979.  Unless discharged, LUCs registered during such period remain in place today affecting the use and development rights of the affected properties.

In 2014, the Provincial government amended the Local Government Act to provide that all LUCs will expire on June 30, 2024 and require municipalities to establish underlying zoning for LUC properties by June 30, 2022.  Additionally, the new legislation also establishes a process that enables municipalities to undertake the optional early termination of LUCs prior to 2024.

More Information
Please check our frequently asked questions page for more detailed information on Land Use Contracts.

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