About Recreation

Community Partners

Community ParticipationIn Richmond, leisure opportunities are made possible through a partnership between the City and our community Associations. The City provides the facilities and core staffing and the Associations plan and fund all programs and events offered through these facilities.

Britannia Heritage Shipyard Society
Email: britannia@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-718-8050
Chair: Loren Slye

East Richmond Community Association
Email: cambie@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-233-8399
President: Balwant Sanghera

City Centre Community Association
Email: citycentre@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-204-8588
President: Paige Robertson

Hamilton Community Association
Email: hamilton@richmond.ca  
Phone: 604-718-8055
President: Dick Chan

Minoru Seniors Society
Email: seniors@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-238-8450
President: Kathleen Holmes

Richmond Nature Park Society
Email: nature@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-718-6188
President: Brenda Bartley-Smith

Richmond Aquatics Services Board

Email: aquatics@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-448-5353
Chair: Ian MacLeod

Richmond Arenas Community Association
Email: arenas@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-448-5366
Chair: Frank Claassen 

Richmond Art Gallery Association
Email: gallery@richmond.ca 
Phone: 604-247-8300
President: Marko  Pajalic

London Farm Historical Society
Email: londonhf@telus.net
Phone: 604-271-5220
Chair: Bruce Livingston

Richmond Fitness & Wellness  Association
Email: fitness@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-238-8004
Co-Chair: Anne Dauphinee
Co-Chair: Ilario Galano

Richmond Museum Board
Email: museum@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-247-8300
Chair: Keith Liedtke

Sea Island Community Association
Email: seaisland@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-238-8000
President: Judith Mules-Kirby

South Arm Community Association
Email: southarm@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-238-8060
President: Rob Dodman

Steveston Community Society
Email: stevestoncc@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-238-8080
President: Beth Ovenden

Steveston Historical Society
Email: slye49@gmail.com
Phone: 604-271-6868
Chair: Loren Slye

Thompson Community Association
Email: thompson@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-238-8422
President: Julie Halfnights

West Richmond Community Association
Email: westrich@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-238-8400
President: Don Taylor

The Associations actively seek volunteers, on an ongoing basis, to participate on the Boards or Committees. Please call if you would like to get more involved in your community.

For a list of City Councillors appointed as liaisons to these groups see Community Association Liaisons.

For a list of non-profit organizations in our community see Community Organizations in the Discover Richmond section of this site.

Advisory Committees
are another way to contribute input to recreation, culture and other City functions. For more information about Advisory Committees, see Advisory Committees: Get Involved in Local Government.