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The City of Richmond's Intercultural Advisory Committee has adopted a vision that has been endorsed by Richmond City Council to be "the most welcoming, inclusive and harmonious community in Canada". The programs and services, and spaces and places managed and coordinated by Community Services provides many opportunities that contribute to achieving this vision. The principles of inclusion, cooperation, collaboration, dynamism, integration and equality are incorporated into planning, decision-making and service delivery. City staff strives to provide barrier-free access to all community members and to offer programs and services reflective of the needs and interests of individuals. The City works closely with City partners to make this vision a reality.

Are you involved in a community group or activity that promotes intercultural understanding and dialogue? Would you be interested in sharing the enjoyment of what you do with a larger or different audience? Whether you are involved in arts, drama, music or any cultural education activity particular to your community we would be interested in hearing from you. Diversity Services is always looking for opportunities to bring groups together to create mutual understanding and cooperative opportunities. Richmond is an exciting, diverse community and together we can strive to make it an even more inclusive place for all who live, work and visit here.

For more information contact Alan Hill at 604-276-4391 or