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About Diversity Services

The Diversity Services section works to eliminate barriers and ensure appealing, livable and well-managed recreation and cultural services for all Richmond residents. By working with community groups, opportunities for persons with disabilities, in financial need or from ethno-cultural groups are developed.

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To find out what recreation and cultural activities are available check out the Recreation and Cultural Guide.

Diversity Services staff are committed to providing helpful information on many different opportunities that are available in the community. Staff can provide information on:

Where to Find Us  bonspiel

Diversity Services
Community Services Department
6911 No. 3 Road
Richmond, B.C.  V6Y 2C1 

Diversity Services Staff
Diversity Services Coordinator: Sean Davies
Phone: 604-276-4390

Cultural Diversity Coordinator: Alan Hill
Phone: 604-276-4391
Telephone Device for the deaf (TDD):604-276-4311

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