Community Gardens

Community Garden Guidelines

Community Garden Plot Holders
To ensure that all plot holders enjoy a safe gardening experience a Richmond Community Garden Understanding letter has been drafted for each plot holder to read and sign. These guidelines form the basis for participation as a Richmond Community Garden participant from March to March of the following year. Each gardener must agree to abide by the intent of the attached letter of understanding as a condition of participation.

Richmond Community Organic Garden Guidelines

  1. As a plot holder, you are responsible for the maintenance and weeding of your plot and surrounding pathways at ALL TIMES.
  2. Herbicides (weed killers), insecticides, chemical fertilizers, animal poisons and NON-ORGANIC MATERIALS (including treated wood) ARE NOT ALLOWED in the garden!
  3. Borrowed tools should be cleaned and returned to the storage area when done being used.
  4. Under no circumstances are the communal garden tools (i.e. rakes, hoes, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc.) to be taken from the vicinity of the Richmond Community Garden.
  5. Do not leave garbage or useless gardening materials in the Garden Shed and please help keep the shed tidy and organized.
  6. Taking items from garden plots other than what is your own property is considered theft. Do not ruin the gardening experience of others by picking or destroying items in other gardens. Please report any suspicious or illegal activity in the garden to the Richmond Food Security Society at 604-244-7377.
  7. If you must abandon your plot for any reason please immediately notify the Richmond Food Security Society at 604-244-7377.
  8. Please plant tall crops where they will not shade neighbouring plots.
  9. Pets must be on leash and under control in the garden area. The dog defecation bylaw is in effect - pick up after your pets!
  10. The garden area is open from dawn until dusk daily.
  11. Family members are welcome to the garden site. Please supervise young children so they do not disturb other plots.
  12. Conserve the use of water by mulching which will reduce water evaporation. Please hand water, the use of sprinklers is not acceptable as it encourages weeds in the pathways.
  13. Dispose of weeds in designated compost areas ONLY. To avoid a rodent problem, do not bring any food waste from outside of the garden for composting.
  14. Plot holders identified as non-complying to the above guidelines will be notified in writing and be given a 30-day grace period to bring their plot up to standard.
  15. The planting of trees and invasive plants species is NOT permitted and you will be asked to remove these items immediately.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please contact the Richmond Food Security Society at 604-244-7377 or


  • All plots must be cleared by October 31 with the exception of actively growing winter crops or perennials.
  • To secure a plot for the following season, fees are due January 30.
  • The development of next season's plot must commence no later than May 1 and be substantially developed as of May 30.