2015 News and Information

Steveston Fire Hall receives international mark of excellence for green building

18 November 2015

The City of Richmond’s most recently constructed fire hall has been awarded gold for being green. Steveston Fire Hall No. 2, located at 11011 No. 2 Road, has achieved Gold status under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

“Sustainability is one of Richmond Council’s term goals, so the City took extra steps to ensure Steveston Fire Hall was truly sustainable in design, construction and operation,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “The project was such a success a Sustainability Education Program was developed to share the experience and knowledge gained throughout the project to employees and the public.”

Some of the special features include:

  •  Using pine beetle wood as structural and finished material.
  •  A ground-source heat pump system using the earth’s constant temperature as a source of heat in winter and a source of cooling in summer.
  • Four roof-mounted solar panels to preheat domestic hot water. The panels save 19,800 Megajoules per year, which is roughly equivalent to the energy needed for brewing 12,790 cups of coffee.
  • Using native and adaptive plants that require no irrigation. Therefore, no potable water is used for landscaping.
  • Low-flow fixtures and dual-flush toilets that reduced potable water use by 39 per cent or 72,000 litres per year. This is equivalent to approximately 16 months of daily five-minute showers for a family of four.

To receive LEED certification, building projects must satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification. Steveston Fire Hall’s LEED Gold award was presented at the October 26, 2015 Council meeting.

Meanwhile, project architects HCMA Architecture + Design recently received a Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia Award in Architecture – Merit Level for its work on the Steveston Fire Hall. It was one of 12 awards handed out recently as part of the 2015 Architectural Institute of BC awards, which honours excellence and innovation in architectural design across the province.

The 727 square-metre Steveston Fire Hall No. 2 acts as a natural gateway to the Steveston community. Glazing, light and elegant forms come together to create a landmark facility.

The LEED learnings from Fire Hall No. 2 will be applied to the design of Fire Halls No.1 and 3, which are currently under construction.

An analysis was done on the original Steveston Fire Hall, built in 1972. It was determined that constructing a new building would be beneficial because it would fully conform to current BC Building Code for post disaster buildings, improve operations and anticipate future needs, and integrate viable sustainable measures. The fire hall cost $4.1 million to build. Stuart Olson Dominion was the project general contractor.

Construction of new corporate buildings follow the High Performance Building Policy, which was adopted by Council. The policy established the LEED rating system as the measurement tool and sets clear direction for the sustainable construction of City buildings, targeting better-than-code construction. The results of the High Performance Building Policy are evident. In addition to Steveston Fire Hall No. 2, the Richmond Community Safety Building, which houses the Richmond RCMP detachment, is also certified LEED Gold. The Richmond Olympic Oval and Hamilton Fire Hall No. 5 are both certified LEED Silver.

For more information on Steveston Fire Hall No. 2, visit www.richmond.ca./fire.