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Election Signage

Election sign placement
Election and Political Signs Bylaw (PDF Document Bylaw 8713) was adopted to regulate the placement of election and political signs.  The bylaw is provided as part of the Nomination and Candidate Information package and is also published under City Bylaws on this website.

PDF Document Guide to Election Sign Placement has also been produced as a general overview of the new bylaw regulations.

The Local Government Act also regulates the placement of signs and the conduct of campaign activity at the time of voting. Campaign signs and activity are not permitted within 100 metres of a voting place at the time of voting. The maps linked below show a 100-metre bubble around each of Richmond’s voting places.

PDF Document View a set of maps that show a 100-metre bubble around each of Richmond's voting places

View the maps separately by clicking on each area:

Election advertising and sign sponsorship
Election advertising (including signs, print ads, radio ads, internet pages and videos) must include information about who sponsored the advertisement. Generally speaking, the sponsor is the person or organization that paid for the advertisement.

Election advertising sponsored by a candidate or elector organization must include the financial agent’s name and a BC telephone number or a BC mailing address or email address at which the financial agent can be reached.  The advertisement must also include a statement confirming that the advertisement was authorized by the financial agent for the candidate or elector organization.

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