Tourist Guide


Richmond is a modern City with regulated accessibility standards for public buildings and public facilities.

If you have special needs and require information regarding access and services for visitors with disabilities please contact the following agencies:

Many public facilities in Richmond have been fully assessed for accessibility as part of the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) planat project. Planat gives you in depth information that allows you to make informed choices on your facility use. For more information on the City facilities that have been assessed on planat visit Venue Accessibility Ratings.

Information regarding accessibility at the airport can be found at:

Wheelchair Accessible transportation can be arranged through Richmond Cabs 604-272-1111 or Kimber Cabs 604-278-2155. 

If you are a HandyDART customer from another jurisdiction, HandyDART transportation can be arranged well in advance of travel. Call 604-279-7090 for HandyDART information. Call 604-453-4634 for general information on accessible transit, or visit: