Steveston Interurban Tram

Programs & Events

Upcoming Special Events for 2016

Culture Days- October 1st

12:00pm- 3:00pm
Journey back to the future with the Steveston Interurban Tram as we start the process of restoring the 104-year old Tramcar 1220. 

Restoration Presentation
Jeremy Jaud, a conservation professional, will offer a free presentation about the Tram's restoration process.  We invite all visitors to enjoy this unique opportunity to learn about what changes will be made to Tramcar 1220 in the future.
Presentations will take place at 1:30pm and 2:30pm in our meeting room.

Craft and Activities
Tram inspired children's crafts and tram related artefact exploration will be on offer during the event.  Also try out our mystery artefact box and win a small prize if you can guess correctly! 

As part of restoration, access to the tramcar itself may be limited.

School Programs and Site Tours

Due to restoration, all school programs and site tours are cancelled for 2016.