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Posted: June 2, 2016
Minoru Complex Entries and Arrivals Artwork
Request for Proposals (RFP) 
Deadline: Friday, July 15, 2016, 4:00pm

The City of Richmond Public Art Program seeks an artist or artist team to create an artwork for the entrance and arrivals zone of the new Minoru Complex. The artwork may be a single piece, or a series of sequential pieces to create a sense of journey and present a unique narrative for multiple entry and arrivals zones. 

The artwork(s) may also address wayfinding and help to express a visual connection for visitors and staff. Artists are encouraged to consider and respond to Richmond's island location and its connection to water. However, literal use of water is not proposed due to environmental, safety and maintenance concerns. 

This is a two-stage open artist call. Following review by the selection panel of the submitted artists’ statements of interest and conceptual proposals, up to five artists will be shortlisted and invited to develop their concept proposals and attend an interview. An honorarium of $2,000 will be paid to each of the shortlisted artists or artist teams.

Budget:          $200,000 
Eligibility:    Open to professional artists and artist teams residing in Canada
Deadline: Friday July 15, 2016, 4:00pm PST
Installation:             Fall 2017
For further information and to apply, download a PDF copy of the Artist Call Brochure: PDF Document  Minoru Entrance and Arrivals Zone Artist Call

Please contact the Richmond Public Art Program at

Posted: April 20, 2016
Cover Stories
Greg Allen Manhole Cover 2016Creative new manhole covers will soon be turning up on Richmond streets. The new covers are the result of a contest which challenged local artists to create designs for City manhole covers, which would reflect Richmond’s cultural heritage
The Cover Stories manhole cover art contest launched in 2014 brought in 150 entries. The four winning designs were created by artists Caroline Dyck, Greg Allen, Jeff Porter and Susan Pearson.
Caroline Dyck Manhole Cover 2016
“This was a unique and fun contest, which took common, previously unremarkable pieces of our civic infrastructure and transformed them into pieces of art that celebrate some of the things that make Richmond unique,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “The new manhole covers will add to our community vibrancy and I congratulate each of the winning artists for their creative vision.”

Jeff Porter Manhole Cover 2016Over the next few years, 200 of the artist designed storm and sanitary covers will be incorporated into our City landscape and enhancing the community’s street experience. The first 40 covers will be installed in Steveston Village and along No. 3 Rd in the City Centre, to be followed by installations in pedestrian areas throughout the City. The community may view the artist designed manholes at Richmond City Hall until May 10, 2016.
Susan Pearson Manhole Cover 2016
The fabrication company, Westview Sales Limited sponsored the project, working with City staff and the artists to produce the manholes which establish a sense of place, remembrance and pride for years to come.

Posted: March 15, 2016
PechaKucha Night Vol. 14 PechaKucha Vol. 14
The Worldwide movement, Pechakucha and Pechakucha Nights in Richmond continues in 2016! The Pechakucha event format showcases thought provoking perspectives from a variety of professionals where each presenter will show 20 images for 20 seconds each.

A Pechakucha event is the celebration of inspiring creativity in all participants both the presenter and the audience members, it is the opportunity for the community to meet and engage in conversations about arts and culture.

The second Richmond Pechakucha Night of 2016, “Brain Space” Vol. 14 will be held Thursday March 31, from 7:00-9:00 pm at Kwantlen Polytechnic University,
Melville Centre for Dialogue (8771 Lansdowne Road, Richmond). Doors open at 6:00 pm.

PechaKucha Night Richmond, Vol. 14 is hosted by Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Wilson School of Design. The event has been produced by 2nd year students in the Graphic Design for Marketing Program as an assignment for a Marketing Communications course.

Admission is free, but come early as seating is limited. Light refreshments will be available.

Register at:

Learn more about the Pechakucha movement and previous Richmond Pechakucha experiences.

Small Monuments to Food, Part 2 - No. 3 Road Art Columns
Cranberry - Art ColumnThe second exhibitions of Small Monuments to Food is now on display.  It examines how Richmond's diversity of cultures, including our social, economic, and political histories have Influenced the way we think, produce, consume, protect and build community and identity around food today. Artists Catherine Chan, Deborah Koenker, Eric Button, present their responses through various media including still life photography, illustration, and cyanotype photography.

This project is sponsored by the Appia Group of Companies.

For more information on the exhibition and the program No.3 Road Art Columns 

Posted: October 7th, 2015
motif of one and manyMotif of One and Many
Motif of One and Many, by Rebecca Bayer, is located on the second floor of City Centre Community Centre, 5900 Minoru Boulevard.  This artwork is a colourful grid of triangles covering the second floor of this community centre and a central column, representing individuals and groups who have come together to form new friendships.

ebb & flow artworkebb & flow
This artwork by Jacquelin Metz and Nancy Chew, spans the entire lobby wall of The Carol Tong Centre, 5900 Minoru Boulevard.  It is a "snapshot," a moment in time, of a braided river.  Such rivers ebb and flow, come together, separate, change form and pattern like a metaphor for shifting, overlapping, interweaving communities, and for the constant flux of society and culture.

2014 Arts UpdateArts Update 2014
Arts and culture are fundamentally linked to quality of life and to the health and wellness of all citizens, shaping identities, fostering life-long learning, promoting creativity and innovation, and engaging citizens across generations. The Arts Update 2014 summarizes the progress made towards achieving the goals of the Arts Strategy and supporting the City’s vision “to be the most appealing, livable and well-managed community in Canada”.
 PDF Document Arts Update 2014