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Young Asian Performers in Kimonas

In Richmond the City works in partnership with local artists, cultural organizations, and local residents to help sustain and develop cultural and artistic heritage, traditions, skills, and individual expression. The City has also fostered a growing inventory of public art instillations and we have hosted renowned international artists and exhibits of public art in our City.

The City has updated its Arts Strategy to reflect today’s opportunities and challenges. The purpose of the strategy is to help facilitate the growth of the arts in Richmond by creating an environment and culture in the city that ensures the arts play a strong role in placemaking, community building, tourism and economic development.

In Richmond, we believe that a diversity of arts experiences and the arts and artists who express them are integral to an enriched quality of life. Therefore, Richmond is a welcoming and inclusive community where culture and the arts activity are celebrated and supported.

We invite you to browse through this section of our website to learn more about Richmond's cultural and heritage facilities, the activities, programs and services available to you, and about City intitiatives to foster the arts and heritage preservation in our community. Also see our Calendar of Events to find out about upcoming performances and exhihits, and our Program Guide for classes and activities in our cultural and community facilities.

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