Richmond Arts Awards

2017 Arts Awards

The City of Richmond is delighted to congratulate the six winners of the ninth annual Richmond Arts Awards, as presented by Mayor Malcolm Brodie at a ceremony in Council Chambers on May 16, 2017. 

Arts Education
Recognizes an individual or organization whose achievements and contributions to arts education have been significant and far reaching.

2017 Arts Education Winner: Mr. Tony
Mr. Tony has been sharing his passion for teaching as a visual arts instructor at the Richmond Arts Centre since 2010. He takes great pride in his role as a mentor and has a unique ability to build relationships and foster an environment where students from all backgrounds and with all abilities feel welcome and safe to use art as a tool for both social and personal expression.

Finalists: Melanie Devoy and Shelley John

Artistic Innovation
Recognizes an individual artist or organization that is producing visionary creative work, exhibiting innovation within their arts discipline and/or bringing a new cultural experience to the city of Richmond.

2017 Artistic Innovation Winner: Border Free Bees
Border Free Bees (BFB) is a long-term public art initiative with a mission to raise awareness about the plight of wild pollinators, particularly bees, and to help empower communities to actively engage in solutions for habitat loss and raise awareness. Led by Dr. Cameron Cartiere, BFB incorporates artistic practices and creative hands-on community engagement to help preserve bee habitation and encourage environmental stewardship.

Finalists: Plaza Projects and Robin Eder-Warren

Business and the Arts
Recognizes a business that has made a significant contribution to the arts in Richmond by supporting a Richmond-based artist or arts organization through sponsorship, philanthropic and/or volunteer service.

2017 Business and the Arts Winner: Lansdowne Centre
An abiding venue of choirs, bands and cultural celebrations (including a large-scale annual Lunar New Year’s festival), Lansdowne Centre has, in recent years, supported the arts as both a sponsor and partner in creative programming. Since 2013, Lansdowne Centre has been a key sponsor of the Children’s Art Festival, providing financial support for its Family Day event that creates exciting participatory opportunities for young artists.

Finalists: Gilmore Gardens and Courtyard Gardens and Jason Ko/Viva Pharmaceuticals

Recognizes an individual that has made a significant contribution to the arts in Richmond by supporting a Richmond-based artist or arts organization through volunteer service.

2017 Volunteerism Winner: Nan Baardsen
Since 2007, Nan Baardsen has volunteered, led or assisted more than 400 rehearsals and volunteered in excess of 2,000 hours supporting the Minoru Seniors Society Glee Club. At 91 years of age, she is not only an adept administrator for the group, but a talented performer who generously shares her love of music and singing with others. Thanks to Nan’s contributions, the Minoru Seniors Society is able to operate the Club free of charge.

Finalists: Dale Bailey and Ray Chin

Youth Arts
Recognizes a performing, literary or visual artist, 24 years of age or younger, who has demonstrated outstanding promise and commitment to the Richmond arts community.

2017 Youth Arts Winner: Anna Toth
Anna Toth is a young singer-songwriter from Richmond who has experienced great success in exploring her music and artistic endeavours. Anna’s online presence on YouTube has attracted more than 8,800 subscribers and 494,000 views. In high school, she initiated, coordinated and led a Glee Club at Burnett Secondary School, producing and performing in fundraisers for events throughout the Lower Mainland.

Finalists: Emily May and Tal Mader

Cultural Leadership
Recognizes an arts professional or organization as a leader in their arts discipline, their organization stewardship and/or their contribution to Richmond’s cultural development.

2017 Cultural Leadership Winner: Community Arts Council of Richmond
As a federally and provincially registered not-for-profit charity, the Community Arts Council of Richmond’s (CACR) mandate is to support the arts, artists and artisans in Richmond. As arts and culture leaders for more than four decades, the CACR has made a lasting contribution to the arts community in  Richmond. The CACR has fostered and supported young and old artists alike, providing art classes, workshops and gallery space, and producing exhibitions to enrich the arts in Richmond.

Finalists: Cathy Bayley and Ming Yeung

The Richmond Arts Awards was developed in partnership with the Richmond Arts Coalition and is sponsored by the Richmond News.

2017 Selection Committee

  • Curator, Vancouver Airport, Rita Beiks
  • Teacher and Artistic Director, Children's Arts Festival, Debbie Tobin,
  • Vocational Counsellor and the 2016 Volunteerism recipient, Mumtaz Khokhar
  • Jordan Paterson, independent filmmaker and writer

The awards program was developed in 2009 by the City of Richmond in partnership with the Richmond Arts Coalition. It is presented with support from The Richmond News.

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