Lulu Speaker Series

The Lulu Series: Vancouver Public Space Network

Vancouver Public Space Network: Andrew Pask
The City on Display: Urban Living and the Art of Public Space 
Lulu Series 2013 Vancouver Public Space Network
Good cities are defined by the quality of their public spaces. Whether these are lively public squares or plazas, parks, beaches, civic architecture or vibrant streets, these are the places where people gather, celebrate, protest and participate in the theatre of public life.

This presentation will take a look at the history of public space and explore how thinking about the public realm has changed over time. Focusing on the present era, it will examine recent debates, designs and dilemmas associated with the public realm, including new park and plaza projects, the social - and ‘contested’ - nature of public places, and several of the more recent artistic interventions that have enlivened public spaces around the world.

Andrew Pask is the founder and director of the Vancouver Public Space Network, a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that has been championing the importance of good public space since 2005. The VPSN’s activities include a creative mix of research and design, advocacy and intervention. Andrew received his training as an anthropologist and urban planner, studying in Toronto and Amsterdam.

He has worked on a wide-range community development projects with local governments and non-profits in British Columbia and Ontario and is presently employed as a neighbourhood planner with the City of Vancouver.

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This talk will be preceded by a short performance by renowned jazz pianist Ron Johnston. Ron has worked and recorded with many great musicians including Guido Basso, Moe Koffman, Dee Daniels, George Robert, Clark Terry, June Katz, Joanie Taylor and Paul Horn, with whom he played and toured for seven years. He was also one of the original founding members of the west coast sextet, Pacific Salt, whose work inspired many of the next generation of west coast jazz artists.