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Not a City Service
Many of the frequently asked questions the City receives pertain to services provided by other governments or agencies. Here are a few of them:

Our Replies to Your Frequently Asked Questions: How do I...

Apply for a City Job
For information on City jobs and employment opportunities, see Our Careers for general information and Career Opportunities for postings. . For additional postings for our partners see Other Career Opportunities.

Report a Problem or Request a Service
To report a problem or request a service online or to obtain emergency phone numbers to report a problem by phone see the Customer Feedback page.

When you complete our online form your concern will be directed to the appropriate department based on the information provided.

If you prefer to contact someone by telephone the menu on the Customer Feedback page will also direct you to non-emergency phone numbers for departments and services. If you are unable to find the appropriate contact please call our Information Desk for assistance at 604-276-4000.

Get Council Agenda's and Minutes
You may view Agenda's and Minutes for City Council and Council Committees in City Hall > City Council > Agendas & Minutes. You will also find information there on obtaining printed copies of Agendas and Minutes, and how to Watch Meetings Online.

Watch City Council Meetings Online
City Council Meetings can now be streamed live to your computer or you can view the recorded meetings by clicking on links in the Minutes & Agendas lists. See Watch Meetings Online for more information.

View or Obtain a City Bylaw
Many of our bylaws are posted on this website for downloading in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, see City Bylaws.

If you wish to obtain a printed copy of a bylaw you may purchase one at our Customer Service Information Desk at City Hall. If you are unable to attend in person, you may send a courier with the appropriate fee.

Generally, anything less that 4 pages there is no charge and anything over 4 pages it is 25 cents per page.

Please call 604-276-4000 for more information.

Pay my Property Tax & Utility Bills
See the Finance, Taxes and Budgets section under City Hall to view information Property Tax and Utility Fees.

Apply for a Homeowner Grant
In order to receive the Home Owner Grant you must submit an application every year. See the Finance, Taxes and Budgets section under City Hall to view information on the Home Owner Grant Application.

Find Information about My Property
There is a great deal of information available on this website that would be of direct interest to property owners in Richmond. To assist you in locating all of the relevant information available, we have compiled a page of links. Please see My Property in the Land and Property section under City Services.

Apply for a City Grant
The deadline for City Grant is posted each year around August or September. For information on current Grant Applications and to download a form, see the City Grant Program page in the Social Planning section under City Services. You can also read the News Releases in our News and Events section.

Inquire about a Parking Ticket
Parking Ticket information is displayed in the Public Safety section under Parking Services. In addition to other parking related information, you will find Parking Ticket Payment Options which contains links to other ticket information including Disputing a Ticket and Paying a Ticket Online.

Obtain a Licence or a Permit
Information and forms for various permits and forms can be found throughout the City website in conjunction with related information, for example development permit guides and application forms can be found in the Business and Development section under Development.

In addition, we have created one central page that links to all of the available permits and licence information and forms currently provided on this site. See About Permits & Licences.


Find Hours of Operation / City Hall & Works Yard
See the main Contacts page for hours and location and contacts. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Volunteer for a Water Meter
A voluntary program is in place for property owners who want to have a water meter installed. For information on how this program affects your water bill and how you can apply for a water meter see Water Meter Program in the Roads, Dykes, Water & Sewers section under City Services.

Apply for a Filming Permit
For information, contacts, and applications forms see Filming on Location in Richmond in Business and Development Section.

Bid on a Public Art Commission
Opportunities to bid on the contract for sponsored Public Art Projects are listed in the Culture & Heritage section under Public Art. See Artist Opportunities.

Speak at a Council Meeting
See Council Process in the City Hall section to find out how to be heard at Council Meetings and Council Committee Meetings. Also see Speak at a Public Hearing for additional information on Public Hearings.

Obtain a Survey Certificate
Survey Certificates indicate lot size and foundation footprint for buildings on the lot. These can be obtained without owner authorization from the Customer Service Centre at City Hall. A fee of $15 will be charged. These may be available online at some time in the future.

Request an Inspection
A Public Works Inspection can be requested online see Public Works Inspection Request Form.
A Building Inspection may be requested by fax form or it can be requested and tracked via our IVR/Inspection Request Phone Line. See Building Inspection Request for more information.

Obtain a Garbage Pick Up Schedule
A Recycling and Garbage Collection Schedule is available online, it is also available for pick up at the City Hall Front of House brochure racks for Garbage & Recycling information.

In addition, reminders regarding changes to schedules due to statutory holidays are posted on this website in the News& Events section.

Locate the City Dump or Recycling Depot
For location and hours of the City Landfill see Garbage Collection and Disposal for recycling see Recycling Depot. For other related information follow the links for Recycling and Garbage in the City Services menu.

Report Graffiti, Vandalism or Illegal Dumping
You may use the Customer Feedback form above to report any problem, besides Illegal Dumping or,
  • for Graffit you may call the Graffiti Hotline at 604-233-3307.
  • for vandalism on City Property call 604-244-1262.
  • for vandalism on Private Property call the RCMP at 604-278-1212.
Anything related to Illegal dumping - Please refer to the Illegal Dumping page, which contains more information. An online form is also available specifically for reporting Illegal Dumping.

Report Unkempt City Property i.e. Parks, Boulevards
You may use the online Customer Feedback form to report a problem or you may call the Public Works call centre at 604-244-1262 or in the case of Parks, call the Parks Department at 604-244-1208.

Report Unkempt Private Property
You may use the online Customer Feedback form to report a problem. Please see Unsightly Premises for more information.

Report Watering Restriction Violations
You may use the online Customer Feedback form to report a problem or to report by phone, please call 604-276-4355.

Report Street Lights Not Working

You may use the online Customer Feedback form to report a problem or to report by phone, please call the Public Works call centre at 604-244-1262.

Find a Community Centre Close to Where I Live
Please see the Community Centres Location Map in the Parks & Recreation section of this site.

Rent a Space in a Community Facility for Meetings or Parties
See the Community Facilities for Rental page for venues, locations and rates. Also see Birthday Parties for special party locations.

Find out What's Happening in Richmond
See our News & Events page for links to the events calendars and browse the Parks & Recreation and the Culture & Heritage sections for on going programs and activities. You should also see the Special Events page in the Discover Richmond section for updates on major happenings. Go to Recreation Registration to look for programs and to register online.

Sign Up for a Recreation Program
Go to Recreation Registration to look for programs and to register online.

Apply for Permit to Cut Down Trees on My Property
Richmond’s Tree Protection Bylaw 8057, adopted by City Council In May 2006 replaced Bylaw 8014, which was adopted December 2005 as an interim measure to safeguard trees on private and City land from being unnecessarily removed, killed or substantially cut or damaged. To view this bylaw please see the City Bylaws section of this website or obtain a copy at City Hall.

If you have questions regarding permit applications or general tree inquiries, please contact 604-247-4684. For questions about the bylaw provisions, please contact the Tree Preservation Coordinator at 604-247-4910.

Inquire about City Trees Needing Attention
You may use the online Customer Feedback form to report a problem or you may call the Public Works call centre at 604-244-1262 or in the case of Parks, call the Parks Department at 604-244-1208.

Purchase a Dog Licence
See the Pets & Animals section in Public Safety to view information on how to purchase Dog Licences.

Find a Lost or Stolen Bike
Bikes that are recovered by the City staff or the RCMP are stored at the City's storage facility see Find a Lost or Stolen Bike in the Public Safety > Police/RCMP section.

Get on the Voters List
For information on how to register as an elector for the next General Local and School Election see the Local Government Elections section under City Hall, and browse the fly out menus for this topic and for other election information.

Not a City Service

Obtain a Marriage Licence, or Birth Certificate
The registering of births, deaths, and marriages, and the issuing of certificates is a Provincial Government responsibility. See the Ministry of Health Services, British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency website at:

Report Construction & Loud Noise Issues
Please see the Noise section for Environmental Health on this website for detailed information.

Report Dog Issues
Please call the Animal Protection Society 604-275-2036 between the hours of 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (weekdays) and 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (weekends).
After hours please call the RCMP Non-Emergency 604-278-1212.

Contact Richmond's Local Hospital
See the Health & Wellness page for local hospital contacts and information about Richmond Health Services and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.
The location of our Hospital is pinpointed on our Emergency Facilities Map.

Contact Passport Office or Citizenship & Immigration
Please see the Government of Canada Passport Office website. Also see Immigration Direct for Immigration and Citizenship information.

Contact Driver Licencing Office
Driver Licencing is a Provincial Government responsibility which has been contracted to ICBC the crown corporation responsible for driver insurance.
Please see the ICBC Driver Licensing webpage.
Contact: ICBC Driver Testing and Vehicle Information 604-661-2255

Get Rid of Rodents
For rats and mice call the Health Department at 604-233-3147.

Contact Someone about Bee Hives / Wasp Nests
Control or elimination is the property owners responsibility. Please call the Richmond Health Department at 604-233-3147 for advice or assistance.

Contact Someone about Wild Animals on Private Property
The Richmond Animal Protection Society will respond if the animal is injured. Please call 604-275-2036 or for emergency after hours call 604-879-7343.

For nuisance animals such as skunks, racoons, squirrels or possums you must call a private pest control company for assistance.

For rats and mice call the Health Department at 604-233-3147.

Richmond does not ordinarily have problems with larger wild animals. In the unlikely event that you need to report a problem call the Provincial Wildlife Conservation Officer in Surrey at 1-800-731-6373 or 604-582-5250. This office also responds regarding abandoned nests and injured wildlife. You may also visit the Wildlife Rescue Association website at

Dispose of Dead Animals
In the case of dead animals on City Property please call the Richmond Animal Protection Society from 9 am to 6 pm weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm weekends at 604-275-2036 . After hours, please call the City's 24 hour call centre at 604-270-8721. Contacts for other locations are as follows:

  • from beach / off shore area -
    Fraser River Harbour Commission - 604-273-1866
  • from Highway - Ministry of Transportation & Highways
    (24 hours) - 604-660-4770
  • from private property - individual responsibility