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Property Tax Information

2016 Property Tax 1st due date:   July 4, 2016.  
2016 Property Tax 2nd due date:  September 2, 2016

Late Payment Penalties
To avoid a Late Payment Penalty, taxes must be received in the Property Tax Department at City Hall on or before the first due date. After the first due date a 5% penalty will be applied. An additional 5% penalty will be applied to payments received after the second due date. 

How to read your Property Tax Bill
See bill example to know PDF Document How to Read Your Property Tax Bill.

Important Information About The Homeowner Grant
If you are eligible for the Provincial Home Owner Grant, please ensure that the application on the bottom of your tax notice is completed, signed and returned to City Hall by the close of business on July 2, 2015 to avoid a penalty of 5% on the grant portion.

Please Note: The Home Owner Grant application form must be completed each and every year in which you are eligible for the grant.

A penalty will be applied on the amount of the Home Owner Grant for any unclaimed, unsigned or incomplete applications, as this will be considered equivalent to unpaid taxes. To avoid the penalty on the Grant portion of your taxes, the Home Owner Grant must be claimed even if a payment on outstanding taxes is not made.

Receive your Property Tax and Utility Notices via Email
The option is now available to have your Property Tax and Utility Notice delivered to you electronically.  To choose this billing option, please register on My Property Accounts, register your tax and/or utility accounts, and from your accounts, elect the ebilling option.

Mailing address change
All mailing address changes are handled by BC Assessment.

To change the mailing address on your property tax and utility bills, please visit

For commercial tenants wishing to change the mailing address of a utility bill, please contact the City of Richmond Tax Department at 604-276-4145 or

Property Pre-Authorized Withdrawal (PAWS) Option
This option offers you the convenience of paying your property taxes and residential annual utility charges in monthly instalments, through an automatic deduction from your bank account. Payments towards your year 2017 property taxes and annual utility charges (Flat Rate Utility Billing) are deducted on the first business day of each month, commencing on August 1, 2016. The City pays you interest on these monthly instalments which is credited to your tax account.

PDF Document Property Pre-Authorized Withdrawal (PAWS) form

Please contact the Tax Department of the City of Richmond at 604-276-4145 for further information on this plan.

Property owners who prepaid their 2016 property taxes using this plan had their prepayments applied to their annual Flat Rate utility charges (which are (was) due on March 31st) and the balance to property taxes due July 4, 2016.  Any outstanding balance due on July 4, 2016 will be (has been) withdrawn from their bank automatically to avoid late payment penalties.  Also owners must complete and submit their Home Owner Grant Application by the due date to avoid penalties. To avoid mailing in your Home Owner Grant Application, you can claim your Home Owner Grant online.

Collection of Taxes for Other Taxing Authorities
The City is required to include on property tax statements amounts levied by other taxing authorities over which the City has no control. The City's percentage of your total tax payable is 50% in 2015. School taxes collected on behalf of the Provincial government by the City account for 39% of the tax bill. The remainder of the charges were levied by Metro Vancouver (Metro Vancouver), the Greater Vancouver Transit Authority (Translink), the B.C. Assessment Authority (BC Assessment) and the Municipal Finance Authority (MFA-BC).

For information and inquiries regarding amounts levied by other taxing authorities, please contact them directly at:

  • School Taxes 1-250-387-0555 (Victoria)
  • Metro Vancouver 604-432-6200
  • Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority (Translink) 604-953-3040
  • B.C. Assessment Authority 1-866-825-8322
  • Municipal Finance Authority 1-250-383-1181 (Victoria)

Tax Rates