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We Will Remember Them

The lives behind the Richmond Cenotaph
Richmond, like countless other communities across Canada, has a war memorial to honour those who died for our country in time of war.

While the monuments are many, the lives they represent are many more. When we pause to reflect on the Cenotaph in Richmond, it is usually on Remembrance Day and very often what we see is a grey stone monument grown dark in November rains.

It is too easy to forget that the many young men whose names are inscribed on the Cenotaph were vibrant, energetic people who thought they had long happy lives ahead of them until war took its toll. These young men deserve to be remembered as they were.

This display features extracts from the City of Richmond Archives new publication We Will Remember Them: The lives behind the Richmond Cenotaph.

The publication represents two years of research and writing by Archives volunteer Mary Keen. The purpose of the project was to find out who these young men were, so that all of us have the opportunity to get a little closer to understanding the enormity of the sacrifice they and their families made. Theirs was a sacrifice that is as important and relevant today as it was so many years ago when so many young dreams were cut short.

One woman I spoke with during the research for this project told me how the loss of her brother is felt deeply today and everyday, even more than fifty years after his death in France. "I miss him everyday," she said. "He was my best friend."

This publication is dedicated to the honour and sacrifice of all the young men listed on the Richmond Cenotaph and their families. We are forever in their debt.

City of Richmond Archives


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