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The City of Richmond Archives is the official repository for the records of the City of Richmond's Municipal government. The Archives also acquires records through donations from individuals, families, organizations, and private companies. Archival records are evidence of the past that have value and impact for everyone. By providing access to original records, the City of Richmond Archives gives you the opportunity to interpret past activity and decisions for yourself.

Searching the Archives
Our searches are designed to put you in touch with the resources contained in the Archives. The database photo search feature allows you to view thousands of historical images online. For more complex research involving textual records, maps and plans, the tools available here, including database all records search and map search, will help you plan your visit to the Archives and ensure efficient use of your time in our reference room. For information about other online resources available, including thematic guides, consult the About Searching page.

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Virtual Exhibits
Virtual exhibits provide an opportunity to explore particular aspects of Richmond's past, as well as to learn about projects undertaken by the City of Richmond Archives. Current exhibits focus on: the 2010 O Zone celebration in Richmond; Richmond's cenotaph; the history of Richmond's schools; a conservation project involving early Richmond bylaws; the History of Richmond seen through the eyes of a high school student in 1923; an early account (1927) of the History of Lulu Island written by Thomas Kidd; BC Packers Insurance Photographs and Maps, documenting canneries, plants and fishing boats in Richmond and up and down the BC coast; and, the Barker Letterbooks, outgoing correspondence (1905-1926) of the General Manager of British Columbia Packers Limited.

History of the Richmond Archives
The idea to establish an Archives was first put forward by people working on Richmond's centennial celebrations in 1979. By 1987 the Archives became a separate institution within the City Clerk's Office. The next milestone occurred in 1992 when a dedicated space for the City Archives was created in the new Library and Cultural Centre at Minoru Park. For the first time, the holdings were under one roof with climate controls and a comfortable Reference Room for the public.

Hours and Location
The Reference Room is open Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. An appointment with the archivist is required for records retrieval and assistance with research. To schedule a time to consult original materials please call ahead.

The Reference Room is closed Fridays, weekends and holidays.

The City of Richmond Archives is located in the Library & Cultural Centre Building at Minoru Park in Richmond.

City of Richmond Archives
Phone: 604-247-8305
Email: archives@richmond.ca
Mailing Address:

7700 Minoru Gate
Richmond, BC
Canada V6Y 1R9

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