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O Zone Photo Documentation
O Zone Day 1 - February 12th 2010
O Zone Day 2 - February 13th 2010
O Zone Day 3 - February 14th 2010
O Zone Day 4 - February 15th 2010
O Zone Day 5 - February 16th 2010
O Zone Day 6 - February 17th 2010
O Zone Day 7 - February 18th 2010
O Zone Day 8 - February 19th 2010
O Zone Day 9 - February 20th 2010
O Zone Day 10 - February 21st 2010
O Zone Day 11 - February 22nd 2010
O Zone Day 12 - February 23rd 2010
O Zone Day 13 - February 24th 2010
O Zone Day 14 - February 25th 2010
O Zone Day 15 - February 26th 2010
O Zone Day 16 - February 27th 2010
O Zone Day 17 - February 28th 2010
O Zone construction and set up
Bike Rally - February 6th 2010
Torch Relay - February 9th 2010
BC Packers Insurance Photographs and Maps
Fishing Industry in British Columbia
BC Packers Limited -- A Short History
BC Packers Records at the Richmond Archives
About the Project
Photograph Gallery 1
Photograph Gallery 2
Photograph Gallery 3
Photograph Gallery 4
Photograph Gallery 5
Photograph Gallery 6
Maps and Plans Gallery 1
Maps and Plans Gallery 2
Maps and Plans Gallery 3
Maps and Plans Gallery 4
Maps and Plans Gallery 5
Maps and Plans Gallery 6
Barker Letter Books
History of Lulu Island
History of Richmond Municipality
We Will Remember Them
Private John James Watson Abercrombie
Private Lyle Melburn Allison
Private Robert Spratt Bowcock
John Boyd
Lieutenant Ralph Barr Carter
Private Richard Chatterton
David Gordon Comstock
Flying Officer (AG) Everett Ellwyn Cooper
Corporal Douglas Earl Craig
Walter J. Davies
Flight Sergeant (BA) James Edward Dayton
Flying Officer Robert Samuel Dixon
Leading Aircraftman Gordon Meadows Dolphin
Private John Donald
Private Ernest Edward Edgington
Flight Lieutenant William Fedoruk
Graham Alexander Finlayson
Private John Reginald Forsyth
Private James Arthur Hayne
Private Louis Pete Gamba
Pilot Officer Air Gunner Ian Thomas Myron
Richmond Schools
How Do Schools Get Their Names?
The Early Years
Bridgeport School
Mitchell Elementary School
General Currie Elementary School
Richmond Secondary School
Lord Byng Elementary School
Hamilton Elementary School (formerly Trites Road School)
World War 2 and Post World War 2 Schools
Sea Island Elementary School
R.M. Grauer Elementary School
Garden City Elementary School
Bridges and Baby Boomers
Cambie Secondary School
William Cook Elementary School
Blundell Elementary School
James Thompson Elementary School
Sidaway Elementary School
Robert J. Tait Elementary School
Steveston Secondary School
John T. Errington Elementary School
Thomas Kidd Elementary School
James Whiteside Elementary School
Alfred B. Dixon Elementary School
B.W. Garratt Elementary School
Tomsett Elementary School
James Gilmore Elementary School
R.C. Palmer Secondary School
Walter Lee Elementary School
W.D. Ferris Elementary School
Hugh Boyd Secondary School
Eburne Elementary School
Daniel Woodward Elementary School
Donald E. McKay Elementary
Hugh McRoberts Secondary
Duncan McDonald School
Alexander Kilgour Elementary School
Austin Harris Elementary School
Manoah Steves Elementary School
Samuel Brighouse Elementary School
James McKinney Elementary School
Howard DeBeck Elementary School
J.N. Burnett Secondary School
William Bridge Elementary School
Matthew McNair Secondary School
Bridges and Expansion
Maple Lane Elementary School
Charles E. London Secondary School
Quilchena Elementary School
Kingswood Elementary School
Rideau Park Elementary School
Westwind Elementary School
Schools of the 1980s and Beyond
John G. Diefenbaker Elementary School
Tomekichi Homma Elementary School
Kathleen McNeely Elementary School
R.C. Talmey Elementary School
Jessie Wowk Elementary School
Henry Anderson Elementary School
Archibald Blair Elementary School
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary School
Spul'u'kwuks Elementary
A.R. MacNeill Secondary School
Private Schools
Richmond Christian Elementary School and Richmond Christian Secondary School
St. Paul's Elementary School and St. Joseph the Worker Elementary School
Muslim School of British Columbia
Richmond Jewish Day School
Choice School
Cornerstone Christian Academy
Richmond International High School and College
Pythagoras Academy
About the Exhibit
Richmond Schools Index
Bylaws Conservation
Richmond: Child of the Fraser
Richmond Then and Now
Set 01 - Comstock Road Looking West from Gilbert Road
Set 02 - The Orange Hall
Set 03 - The Sockeye Hotel
Set 04 - Chatham Street
Set 05 - General Currie School
Set 06 - Steveston Community Centre
Set 07 - McDonald's Restaurant
Set 08 - No. 3 Road at Francis Road
Set 09 - No. 3 Road at Granville Avenue
Set 10 - No. 3 Road at Anderson Road
Set 11 - Vancouver Airport Administration Building
Set 12 - Steva Theatre