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Sean - Careers
“The City is a big supporter of  staff training and development. There are a variety of courses to choose from, which include, diversity awareness, customer service training, leadership development and a variety of computer courses. From the top down, there are many opportunities created for people to succeed as leaders.”

Coordinator Special Needs

Orientation Program
We have a vested interest in your career success, which begins with a smooth onboarding experience. We want you to feel at home from your first meeting with Human Resources to the moment you get acquainted with your new team members and working environment. Our Orientation CDs are available to help new employees familiarize themselves with the specific operational details of each department.

Buddy System
As part of our orientation program, you will be assigned a buddy to guide you through our processes, policies, and procedures, as well as help familiarize you with your general day-to-day routine. Your supervisor will also provide support as you get started. 
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